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Botanical Name:   Aegle marmelos (Linn)     corr.
English Name:   Holy fruit tree
Local Name:   Bael
Habit:   Medium deciduous tree
Part Used:   Root, leaves & fruit

Uses :
Root, leaves & fruit-pulp used as laxative, tonic and for stomach disorders. Fruit-pulp used as jam, syrup, marmalade, sauce etc.

Approximate Potential

:   3000 M.Tonnes
Harvesting Seasons :   March - June

Botanical Name:   Azadirachta indica A.Juss
English Name:   Indian lilac
Local Name:   Nim
Habit:   Medium to large sized     tree
Part Used:   Bark, leaves, flowers &     seeds

Uses :
Treatment of skin diseases, piles, wounds, ulcer, as an antiseptic, leprosy, leucodermate, neem oil in cosmetics and soap manufacture.

App. Potential

:   5000 M.Tonnes
Harvesting Seasons :   March - June

Botanical Name:   Bacopa monnieri (Linn.) Pennell
English Name:   Thyme gratiola
Local Name:   Brahmi
Habit:   A Prostrate annual     herb
Part Used:   Whole plant

Uses :
In treatment of nervous breakdown, epilepsy, neurasthenia etc.

App. Potential

:   70 M.Tonnes
Harvesting Seasons :   Throughout the year

Botanical Name:   Bixa orellana Linn
English Name:   Arnotta Plant
Local Name:   Sinduriya
Habit:   A small evergreen      tree
Part Used:   Roots, bark &     seeds

Uses :
Colouring silk, cotton, edible items like ghee, cheese, chocolate, margarine, vanaspati etc. Used for floor polish, shoe-polish, hair oil etc. & in the treatment of intestinal parasites etc.

App. Potential

:   10 M.Tonnes
Harvesting Seasons :   February - March
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